Fascism at our door

Last night during the first presidential debate Trump refused to condemn white supremacists. When asked to specifically condemn the Neo-fascist group The Proud Boys, he addressed them directly on camera and said, “Proud Boys — stand back and stand by.”

This morning Joe Biden responded with this ad.

Just two Queens guys, Trump & Gotti

Donald Trump grew up not too far from mobster boss John Gotti’s former home in Howard Beach. (lower left on the map) Trump’s home back then was located on the upper right of this map, in Jamaica Estates. Both in the New York City’s borough of Queens.

As more of Trump’s tax records and other entanglements unfold, we’re going to find out who was the more effective Queens mobster with the better Teflon.

Sarah Kendzior has written extensively about Donald Trump and what she has called the “Trump Crime Family”. Read her book, “Hiding in Plain Sight”

Obama Endorsements

These are President Obama’s “Second Wave” Endorsements for the 2020 election. Vote in November not just for Biden/Harris in the presidential contest, but all the way down ballot. I’d suggest an easier way – vote for every single democrat! Why? Because 99.9% of Republican officials have enabled Trump’s autocratic actions against our democratic institutions. Not to mention failing to criticize his incompetence.

Donating using ActBlue is easy

With just weeks left until election day on Tuesday, November 3, and with people already voting by mail, if you’re going to donate to a campaign do it as soon as possible. Here’s the ActBlue website. All the Democrat candidates or independents aligning with Dems. use it. They use the service to process your campaign donations. You can set up an account and then it’ll be easy for you to go to the candidate campaign websites where you want to donate. Read the previous post for the U.S. Senate races where your money will have the greatest impact. Do your own research too.