Fascism at our door

Last night during the first presidential debate Trump refused to condemn white supremacists. When asked to specifically condemn the Neo-fascist group The Proud Boys, he addressed them directly on camera and said, “Proud Boys — stand back and stand by.”

This morning Joe Biden responded with this ad.

Just two Queens guys, Trump & Gotti

Donald Trump grew up not too far from mobster boss John Gotti’s former home in Howard Beach. (lower left on the map) Trump’s home back then was located on the upper right of this map, in Jamaica Estates. Both in the New York City’s borough of Queens.

As more of Trump’s tax records and other entanglements unfold, we’re going to find out who was the more effective Queens mobster with the better Teflon.

Sarah Kendzior has written extensively about Donald Trump and what she has called the “Trump Crime Family”. Read her book, “Hiding in Plain Sight”

Obama Endorsements

These are President Obama’s “Second Wave” Endorsements for the 2020 election. Vote in November not just for Biden/Harris in the presidential contest, but all the way down ballot. I’d suggest an easier way – vote for every single democrat! Why? Because 99.9% of Republican officials have enabled Trump’s autocratic actions against our democratic institutions. Not to mention failing to criticize his incompetence.

Donating using ActBlue is easy

With just weeks left until election day on Tuesday, November 3, and with people already voting by mail, if you’re going to donate to a campaign do it as soon as possible. Here’s the ActBlue website. All the Democrat candidates or independents aligning with Dems. use it. They use the service to process your campaign donations. You can set up an account and then it’ll be easy for you to go to the candidate campaign websites where you want to donate. Read the previous post for the U.S. Senate races where your money will have the greatest impact. Do your own research too.

U.S. Senate Races

This coming November voting for Biden and getting all your friends and relatives to vote for him is job 1. But there are also senate races where your financial support would go a long way towards securing the senate for Democrats. This is especially critical after Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg’s death resulted in an open seat on the court.

Even if you can only spare $10, but perhaps more, it will be better to focus on flipping senate seats in states where your money would have a bigger impact because the state’s population is relatively small and the contest is close. It would also help if lots of people you know do the same. It adds up.

These are the U.S. Senate races I would recommend for now.
1 Theresa Greenfield (Democrat) vs. Ernst (R)- Iowa
2 Sara Gideon (Democrat) vs. Collins (R)- Maine
3 Steve Bullock (Democrat) vs. Daines (R) – Montana
4 Jaime Harrison (Democrat) vs. Graham (R) -South Carolina

And here are the logic and numbers from the Princeton Election Consortium

Polling consensus for 2020 U.S. Senate election. It’s very close!


The most important thing you can do for the nation and our democracy in this presidential election year is vote for Joe Biden. But that’s not enough. You have to also tell every single friend, acquaintance, family member, coworker, shop owner to do the same. Do it in whatever state you live in because the popular vote is also important. Then focus on these battleground states:

Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio. These states are also contested: Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina

Call or text people you know in those critical states. Furthermore, don’t just vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but also for every Democrat down ballot. If Trump resists leaving office if he’s defeated, it may be the only way to get him to exit.

If you’re on social media be sure to make these suggestions to your friends and contacts. No need to get into political arguments, just focus on getting people who are on the fence, leaning, or who say they want to vote for Biden. Remind them to make a plan for actually voting in person or by mail. If they have the time or interest, you should suggest they encourage their friends and acquaintances to also get involved. Everyone should make a plan for voting and do it right now, especially if you are going to vote by mail or wish to vote early.

You can find your voter registration status, register to vote or how (mail-in or in person) and where to vote here. The website was set up by the Democratic National Committee.

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