No Hate. No Fear. Solidarity March

New Yorkers of every background are invited to stand and march with Jewish neighbors to say no to hate; no to fear. Now is the time for solidarity after the recent antisemitic attacks in the New York metropolitan area.

Details: Sunday, January 5, 2020
Meet at Foley Square, Manhattan at 11:00 am.
March across the Brooklyn Bridge to Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn.
Visit for additional information.

Breaking Up with Facebook

In the spring of 2019, Elizabeth Warren promised to break up mega-tech companies such as Facebook if she’s elected president.

Facebook, of course, owns not only the world’s major social network, but also Instagram and WhatsApp. Exiting all 3 services is a challenge if you want to stay in touch with friends and family. But we should start somewhere.

I have a small Facebook footprint with only my name, no photos or other info. Not even a profile picture. I stay connected because I can only contact some people through Facebook. Instagram is extremely hard to avoid for a photographer. But I keep only about 20 photos on my Instagram timeline. The rest I archive on my photography website. I do not use WhatsApp, but instead use Signal.