The most important thing you can do for the nation and our democracy in this presidential election year is vote for Joe Biden. But that’s not enough. You have to also tell every single friend, acquaintance, family member, coworker, shop owner to do the same. Do it in whatever state you live in because the popular vote is also important. Then focus on these battleground states:

Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio. These states are also contested: Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina

Call or text people you know in those critical states. Furthermore, don’t just vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but also for every Democrat down ballot. If Trump resists leaving office if he’s defeated, it may be the only way to get him to exit.

If you’re on social media be sure to make these suggestions to your friends and contacts. No need to get into political arguments, just focus on getting people who are on the fence, leaning, or who say they want to vote for Biden. Remind them to make a plan for actually voting in person or by mail. If they have the time or interest, you should suggest they encourage their friends and acquaintances to also get involved. Everyone should make a plan for voting and do it right now, especially if you are going to vote by mail or wish to vote early.

You can find your voter registration status, register to vote or how (mail-in or in person) and where to vote here. The website was set up by the Democratic National Committee.

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